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New Paint Color Trends for Fall and Winter

Just like fashion, paint styles can change with the season. If you’re ready to update your home just in time for fall or winter, check out these up-and-coming paint color trends to add to your palette:


Although it may seem like a boring, go-to paint color, using white to paint a commonly used room will provide a clean, fresh feel to the atmosphere. For families that avoid white paint like the plague, it may be time to think again.

It’s possible to use white paint in a family room by strategically painting with dry-erase paint. This type of paint is easy to wipe clean with baby wipes or Windex to get rid of stains and sticky little fingerprints. Even if you have small children, you can continue to enjoy pure white walls to set the tone in a living room or den.


Although shades of blue may be synonymous with spring and summer, blue hues can work well in fall and winter, depending on the intensity. Deep shades of blue, like blueberry or ocean blue, can pair well with a fall color palette that includes chocolate brown and forest green.

A dark blue can be used to create a classic tone in a room, especially when using marine blue or navy. Consider pairing navy blue with cream to decorate a central room in the house, like a kitchen or home office.


Although shades of brown may seem like a no-brainer for fall and winter, they work best when paired with snowy hues, like soft gray or frosty blue. By using these cool colors with a warm brown tone, you can set the scene in a living area or master bedroom.

If you have a winter wonderland on your mind, consider using several warm shades of brown with gold undertones to brighten up a chilly day; paint colors like brown coriander, golden citrine, and natural cream will work well in combination to make a living area or guest bedroom feel warm and inviting.


As an accent color, charcoal is trending this season, pairing well with creamy neutral shades and deep pops of color, like cinnamon red. When decorating with charcoal as a paint color, try to picture a warm, blazing fire. Charcoal can serve as an accent shade in conjunction with a neutral color; use a dark vibrant shade like deep red or hunter green to provide balance.

If you’re not ready for a bold burst of color just yet, consider using charcoal and a neutral color like steam with a warm fall hue like brown pear or saddle tan. Although many people wouldn’t think to pair charcoal with a golden shade of brown, it again provides contemporary balance when used as an accent.

Updating your home with fall and winter paint color trends is one way to makeover your space on a budget. These hues of the season are both eye-catching and exciting, providing the perfect backdrop to make an excellent first impression with entertaining guests.

Painting – Some Technical Aspects

Painters must be aware of all the intricacies of painting but for the novices, we bring a snapshot of certain technical aspects of painting which will help them out in developing this art.

This refers to the medium used in paintings. It is the color type which is applied on the canvas. The choice of media depends on the solubility, viscosity and miscibility of the fabric or base used. Some examples of painting media include oil paints, pastel paints, spray colors, water colors, enamel paint and wax paint.

Styles of painting vary from person to person. It depends upon the comfort and interest of the painter. It may also include the use of brushes and paints. In fact, every painter is famous for a particular style of art. Some common forms of painting styles are:
Western: folk, graffiti, body painting, abstract figurative, Oriental and primitive.
Eastern: ink and wash, Persian miniature, madhubani, samikshavad and mughal.

Modern forms
Paints are a thing of past. Now, almost each and everything is used in painting. Be it paper pieces, sand, dust, cement, wood or any other material, they are widely being used in giving texture and extra look to the paintings.

Digitization has also brought various software in the market like Adobe Photo shop, corel draw, image maker and many other which can insert any design, shade or style which you can ever imagine of.
Recent time applications

Gone are the days when painting was done on canvas through brush and paints, exhibited, sold and over. Now it finds its applications in a host of other fields also. The basics and studies of painting are being used in interior designing for decorating houses. Painting provides an insight onto various color combination s and contrasts which enables interior designers to make heaven out of homes.

Another application of painting is in fashion designing where designers create aesthetic and graceful dresses of beautiful color combination s. Here also, the fundamentals of painting come handy in deciding which color or shade suits best on a particular complexion and figure.

A final word
Painting is a universe in itself and you will get more engrossed in it if you will delve deep into it. There are treasures to be found in this area but it requires patience and long years of hard and sincere work. It can be opted both as a hobby and as a profession. The difference lies in the commitment and pursuit.

Choose House Painting For A Brand New Look

Few things can make a more dramatic change to your house than a new coat of paint. Whether you decide to paint one room, a wall, or the entire house you can create a whole new look with a fresh paint job. Finding a professional to complete your house painting may be the key to a great look that you will enjoy for many years to come.

Be sure to select a good quality paint. A higher grade paint will often include primer and cover your surface in one application. Buying a cheaper paint may end up costing you more when you consider the need for multiple applications and shorter life expectancy. A little research will help you determine which brands cover better than others.

Use paint to change the look of a room. Many people are not aware of the change in appearance that can be made by adding color to a room. Light colors tend to open up the room and make it appear larger, while darker colors do the opposite, making a room seam smaller. You can increase or decrease the appearance of size in a room by using different colors.

Talk to a designer to get ideas on the latest trends in color. Fashions and styles are always changing, the colors that were popular last year may not be today. Be sure to look in magazines or seek the advice of a designer to make sure your look is up to date. Remember that just because it is a trend does not necessarily mean that you will like it, you will be living with the new color so make sure it looks good to you.

Find a company who is reputable and can do the job quickly. Finding the right company for the job is very critical when you consider the consequences of a bungled project. You may end up living with a color or finish you will regret each time you look at your home. Be sure to get references and check out other jobs that they have completed before choosing a painter.

The decision to change the look or color of just one room or your entire home is a big one. Make certain that you take the time to choose your colors carefully and then find someone who can do the job for your in a timely manner with a professional result. You can then enjoy your new decor for a long period of time.